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Unisong 2017 - Ottawa, Ontario

The London Singers are honoured to be invited with the H. B. Beal Singers to help celebrate Canada 150 in Ottawa in 2017. We have a wonderful tour planned which will be the culmination of an exciting year of music- making in The London Singers & Orchestra. If you would like to join us, please contact using our email form. Please read our Official Invitation, the Canada 150 Info Letter and the Canada 150 Group Tour Application Form for details. All singers who can read music and have had excellent choral experience are welcome to apply to paricipate. Note: Our first rehearsal is Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2017 in Room 228 at Beal. We are planning a 3 concerts this year plus the performance tour for an exciting 2016-2017 Choral Season.

  1. Mozart Requiem
  2. The Many Moods of Christmas
  3. Canada 150 (Tour send-off concert)
  4. Canada 150 Tour
Dates and venues to be announced soon!

London Singers 2017

Canada 150
Canada 150 Concert, 2017

Unisong 2017
Unisong 2017 Invitation Letter

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